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Web Sites Carry Times to Revenue Rise


New York Times said revenue from continuing operations rose to $283.2 million from $278.5 million last year. Total ad revenue fell 0.2 percent to $189.5 million. Newspaper circulation revenue and other revenue edged higher to account for the overall gain.

The company's news media group, which includes The New York Times, Boston Globe and regional newspapers, had 1.2 percent lower ad revenue, hurt by a decline in classified ads.

Employers are increasingly shifting ad spending online to job marketplaces such as New York Times newspaper Internet properties had 21.4 percent higher ad revenue. The company recently lifted pay restrictions on parts of its site, switching to an ad-supported revenue model.

The New England media group, which includes the Boston Globe, had a 6.4 percent decline in ad revenue. New York Times Co. has recently taken sharp writedowns on the value of that property as it struggles to generate revenue.

About Group, which includes the Web sites, and, saw revenue surge 23.7 percent in November. Excluding acquisitions since last November, revenue rose 12 percent.



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