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The Mobile’s Directions service gets voice input


Ask has launched voice input on Mobile’s Directions service. The new service is called “Click to Speak”.

Clicking the “Click to Speak” option, consumers are prompted to speak their location and their desired destination, either by specific address or closest intersection. People can get directions, including driving and walking routes.

Ask tells us you may go to the mobile version of Ask,, and select the “Directions” link from the home page. Then click the “Click to Speak your address” option and follow the prompts.

This should also work on Ask’s regular web site at, but we have not been able to find it. This is probably because we are located in Europe and this is a service for the US market only.

“Voice input is a natural complement to the Mobile Directions service,” says Amit Desai, co-founder and chief product officer of Dial Directions, the company that provides the technology that does this magic.

Posted on Friday 4 January 2008





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