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Ex-AOL CEO Emerges At Clickable


Jonathan Miller has reappeared on the Internet scene, this time as a member of the board of directors for online search ad management startup, Clickable.

Miller's return comes after a rancorous departure from Time Warner, where he served as CEO of AOL. His landing pad, called Clickable, recently debuted their technology at the TechCrunch 40 conference in September.

Clickable also assembled another part of its management team. Max Kalehoff, most recently VP of Marketing at Nielsen Buzzmetrics, will serve in the same capacity in Clickable's corporate structure.

The company touted Miller's addition to the board, citing his extensive knowledge of the online advertising industry. Clickable wants to make search advertising management an easy to use web service.

Doing so will allow Clickable clients to manage ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other providers from a single interface. Miller enthusiastically touted Clickable in a statement, saying, "Clickable represents the next wave of innovation, bringing simplicity, efficiency and transparency to the (small to medium-sized) market."




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