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Mascus launches online marketplace in Hungary, Romania


Alma Media Interactive (AMI) has signed a licence agreement for Mascus, the European online marketplace for used equipment, heavy machinery and trucks, with media house Inform Média (IM) in Hungary and Romania.

Mascus sells used heavy machinery from used construction / plant machines, trucks, tractors, harvesters, forklifts, forest or grounds care machines. The site also provides financing information and calculations for shipping fees.

The launch of new Mascus service lets Hungarian and Romanian users buy and sell used machines and trucks across Europe in their own language. While the language will be localized, users will be part of an international market place, letting users buy and sell equipment in neighbouring countries or Eastern Europe.

Sellers will also have access to the Mascus Plus service, which helps posters present their wares in several languages.

IM will be responsible for building up the position of Mascus in Hungary and in Romania. IM will be in charge of marketing, sales and customer care for local dealers of used heavy machinery and trucks.

AMI will be responsible for the maintenance and technical support of the Mascus marketplace.



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