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Zinio introduces iPhone portal for popular magazines


Zinio is a digital publication service for magazines and, increasingly, textbooks as well. Users can subscribe to digital versions of many popular magazines like Men's Journal, BusinessWeek, Digital Camera World, and, of course, Macworld, and read hi-res, interactive copies right on their Macs. Though Zinio's subscription prices are often and bizarrely higher than the prices for their dead tree counterparts, the convenience of carrying all this literature along in one's MacBook/Pro is certainly appealing. I've been a user of Zinio for a couple years now; like many others, have been anxiously awaiting a Universal Binary version of its application so I don't have to peak my Core 2 Duo CPU just to flip through a few pages of a magazine.

Though Zinio apparently can't be bothered to catch up to Apple's 2+ year-old move to Intel chips, its Labs department cooked up an interesting new product called the Zinio Mobile Newsstand. Geared for the iPhone and iPod touch, users can browse many of Zinio's best-selling publications on either of Apple's OS X-driven gadgets. High-res content, easy table of contents navigation, and even sharing a specific page with another iPhone or iPod touch user via iPhone Mail are all here (though viewing a link to a shared page in a desktop browser simply re-routes you to the Zinio Mobile Newsstand landing page). Even in its Labs infancy it's a pretty impressive product, but due to its slightly sluggish performance over WiFi, I didn't even want to bother testing over EDGE.

Once Zinio Mobile Newsstand graduates from Zinio Labs, I would not be surprised if it scaled back to only allow registered users to read the issues they're subscribed to. On the other hand, leaving it as an open portal with access to the latest issues of only some of its publications would be a smart way to give users a taste of the mobile Zinio experience.

While I'm jazzed about this portal as a current Zinio customer, I sure hope the company sputters out a Leopard-friendly Universal Binary of its desktop application before putting the finishing touches on this Labs product.



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