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Murdoch Jr Sets Out Optimistic Media Vision


James Murdoch, the new head of News International, has vowed to "set the pace" in the newspaper industry and promised to decide on the new location for its headquarters "in the new year".

In his first interview since his appointment on December 7 as chairman and chief executive, Europe and Asia, of News International parent company News Corporation, Murdoch has told staff at the newspaper publisher's Wapping HQ in London that "in the business of ideas" few companies are as well-positioned as News International.

"The sea-change that we are lucky to be part of, this revolution that we can see in our readers, users and viewers' appetites with respect to their media consumption is enormously exciting," Murdoch told News International's in-house staff title, the News.

"Our titles are unique, their personality, scale and quality unrivalled - and this puts us in a pole position not simply to react to change but to drive it, to genuinely set the pace," he said.

"I'm an optimist, for our print editions, for our online and mobile work and for the things we haven't thought of yet."

On the issue of a new corporate headquarters to replace News International's Wapping site, Murdoch said the decision would be one of his first priorities in the new year.

"We want a place that is inviting and fun. A place that attracts new colleagues to us and a place that helps us do the best work of our lives," he told the News.

"At this point it is too early for any frontrunners as far as specific sites are concerned, but in the new year we will need to make the choice."

Murdoch said that his new role, in charge of the company that produces the Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World, would be a challenge, considering he was also in charge of News Corp's operations across Europe and Asia, including pay-TV businesses BSkyB, Sky Italia and Star TV.

"My diary management skills are going to be put to the test, that's for sure - but I am sure that I will manage somehow. I'll be based primarily at NI, so the bulk of my time will be in the building," he said.



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