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Irdeto & Hungarian DVB-H trials


Irdeto to secure T-Mobile Hungary and Antenna Hungária DVB-H Trial

May, 2007 – Irdeto has been selected by Hungary’s mobile operator, T Mobile Hungary and broadcast-service provider, Antenna Hungária to provide its Irdeto Mobile Broadcast content security solution for DVB-H end-to-end technical trial.

The trial will test interactive services, technical capabilities and performance of the DVB-H solution in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest

"AH enjoys the main position in the Hungarian broadcasting market where the key opportunity is the forthcoming digitalization. AH aims to be the main digital technology service provider, offering services also for mobile operators. Consequently, entering the mobile TV broadcasting market via DVB-H is one of the most important strategic initiatives for the company," said Mr. András Tóth, director of Communication and Marketing for Antenna Hungária.

"Irdeto has been developing and deploying mobile TV content security solutions for nearly four years now," said Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto. "Our implementation experience, our support of every major mobile standard including DVB-H, T/S-DMB and MediaFLO and the outstanding availability of Irdeto-integrated handsets will continue to make Irdeto the provider of choice for mobile TV operators worldwide."



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