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Naspers Investment Value Russias At $550M


January 24, 2007

Nasper's Investment Value Russia's At $550M

topwebsitesinRussia.pngSource: Goldman Sachs
A South African media company Naspers Limited announced yesterday that it has acquired a 30% minority stake in Russian internet service provider,, mainly email, as the name suggests, for a consideration of $165M. The price paid for the stake implies a valuation of $550M.

The shares have been acquired from Digital Sky Technologies and Tiger Global Management, who remain shareholders of the company. is a leading provider of internet and communication services to the global Russian-speaking community, estimated to be approximately 300 million people. Ranked as the number one email service for Russian speaking users, it markets and provides a wide range of communication services. At present has some 24 million unique monthly visitors, and about two billion monthly page views.

Commenting on the acquisition, Naspers global internet CEO, Antonie Roux said,

“We are impressed with’s excellent management team. What we have found particularly striking is the superb quality of software engineers the Russian education system provides.”

yandex.png is one of the top sites in Russia, according to Goldman Sachs (in its European Internet Overview report published last Spring). The number one according to the same report is, the Russian Google. According to sever local press reports last year, echoed in search sector blogs, the firm has mandated two investments banks to take it public. The rumor are it's seeking a $1B to $1.5B valuation.



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