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Naspers Offering to Acquire IM Company Gadu Gadu


Naspers, the multimedia giant based in South Africa, has announced its plans to make an offer to snatch up 100% Polish IM service Gadu Gadu. The current majority shareholder of Gadu Gadu has agreed to tender its 55% shareholding in the public tender offer. In order to gain 100% acceptance of this tender offer, the total investment will amount to around $155 million.

Gadu Gadu is one of Poland’s largest instant messaging companies, with 6 million unique users and a 43% share of the Polish market. It also has a social network mojageneracja, which has just under million uniques. Naspers already has a global presence, includin China, Russia, Thailand, the US, and others. Gadu Gadu is one of the many entrants for the instant messaging market. Should Naspers get this public tender offer, it will be adding to its global reach, especially in Europe, where it’s somewhat less influential than some of the other countries it has a presence in.



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